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Spice Mix Powders

Harika’s chutney powder is ready to use powder.The best quality of spices is choose from the field, cleaned, powdered and packed hygienically.

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Your favorite Harika’s Nalla karam with rice and sufficient quantity of oil/ghee makes every lunch a gourmet’s delight. The most authentic recipe..

Sprinkle some of this magic spice powder over dosas or idlis along with a generous drizzle of gingelly oil or ghee and you are assured of a trip to heaven.

Peanuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, good source of Vitamin E. On a busy day, you can use Harika’s this nutty chutney powder as a rice mix..

Most of us avoid eating or rather dislike bitter gourd. Harika concentrates on customers health Produces Bitter Gourd Powder which is highly beneficial..

Harika offers a superior quality Coriander Leaf Powder. The offered powder is processed from dried coriander leaves. Flavor and taste of our product..

Harika’s Curry Leaf Powder is the best choice for preparing a quick and flavourful rice dish on a lazy day. Curry leaf powder or kariveppilai podi..

We are one of the leading supplier of Flax Seed Powder. We are providing this product as per the requirement of our clients. These are rich in fiber..

Harika’s Amla Spice Powder is an exotic blend of amla, red chilli, moong dal and other spices and lentils and is the ideal choice for creating..

Drumstick leaf Mix of Harika, brings Indian to your table. This mix contains sufficient Iron which is good for people with iron deficiency.

Choose Harika’s Gongura Spice Powder to prepare a rice dish enriched with the goodness of gongura leaf, curry leaf, drizzle ghee or edible oil to this spice..

Mint Spice Powder has the perfect balance of mint, coriander, and other herbs and spices that contributes to its tangy taste Pudina Kaaram..

Herbal Powders

Keeping in mind customers health Harika offers Amla powder which contains Vitamin C in high level, good for eye & strengthening the hair.

This Herbal products of Harika, is produced in full and full concentration on customer’s health. It consists of Antioxidant, reduces..

Harika’s concentration also moves on to customers hair & scalp Protection. Reetha Powder is extremely beneficial for hair, it is a mild cleanser..

Produced from the dried pods of this small shrub. Harika’s Shikakai powder is a superior hair cleanser and promotes hair growth and helps prevent dandruff.


Harika’s Coriander Pickles is the undisputed leader of pickle brands in South India. The brand has always shown an unfailing dedication to providing..

This is a summer vegetable pickle, Harika provides its customer a good way of preserving the vegetable in a tasty and spicy way. That too in Andhra Style.

Harika’s Ginger Pickle is the best. It is fresh and crisp, minus all the preservatives and food coloring. Tender and less spicy young ginger is preferred..

Harika’s Gongura Thokku/Pickle is a popular pickle prepared in Andhra Pradesh using Gongura Leaves. It is extremely healthy as it is rich..

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